Examining the role of central banks during market anxiety, the best way to fund post-secondary education, exploring the covered call strategy, and how to realize tax savings in 2016.‚Äč
Is your investment portfolio in good shape? Read the Summer edition of Exchange for ways to assess your financial health. Plus, Jamie Golombek explains how to invest on behalf of your kids, and Benjamin Tal does a mid-year review of his 2017 forecast.
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It’s finally summer, and there has never been a better time to engage in healthy activities while discovering and exploring Canada. In celebrating Canada’s and CIBC’s joint 150th birthday, pick up a free Parks Canada 2017 Discovery Pass at any CIBC Banking Centre until the end of August, also join the parties and the conversations with celebrations across the country.

Summer is not only a good time to work on our physical health, it is also an opportune time to assess your financial health. This edition of Exchange includes information to help you with your financial planning and investment decisions.

In Do you have the right accounts to meet your goals? and Strategic Asset Allocation you’ll find pointers on choosing the types of accounts that fit your financial goals, and how to assess whether your portfolio has drifted over time, making it more difficult to meet your goals.

You encourage your children and grandchildren to build healthy habits. Is it ever too soon to start building investments for them too? That’s a good question, and one you can explore in Jamie Golombek’s How Young is Too Young for Investing?

In The Canadian Economy – Positive Momentum, Benjamin Tal provides a mid-year review of his 2017 forecast and advises on some things to consider for the second half of the year.

As you get outside and enjoy the summer months, remember to consider your financial health as well as your physical health. And, as always, I welcome your questions and feedback as we continue to elevate your experience as our valued client.

Andrew Turnbull
Managing Director and Head,
CIBC Investor’s Edge

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