Read the winter edition of Exchange for tips on improving your financial health for 2018.

CIBC Investor’s Edge® Exchange Newsletter: Winter 2018

CIBC Investor’s Edge has welcomed 2018 with record high trading volumes. Our trading system has remained stable; however, wait times by phone are much longer than usual due to the unprecedented demand. We are making every effort to reduce the wait times. Meanwhile, for faster service on the most popular subjects, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

We hope you’ll welcome 2018 by setting yourself up for financial success. At the dawn of a new year, we often make plans to improve our health. Financial health should be a priority too. This edition of Exchange will help you improve your financial health, with articles about estate planning, the latest economic outlook, new ideas for diversifying your portfolio and insights into the future of oil.

Slowness and Uncertainty for the Economy in 2018

Slowness and Uncertainty for the Economy in 2018

Will 2018 be the year of the bear, or the year of the bull? Benjamin Tal reviews the economic landscape for the year ahead and what that means for investors.

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Setting the True North Free: The Case for Global Equity Investing

Setting the True North
Free: The Case for Global
Equity Investing

Learn how investing in global equities can help you diversify your portfolio and reduce volatility.

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Your Estate Matters! Common traps and how to avoid them

Your Estate Matters! Common
Traps and How to Avoid Them

Learn why proper estate planning is an important pillar of managing your assets and caring for your loved ones.

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Oil – Will It Go the Way of Salt?

Oil – Will It Go the Way of Salt?

What do the history of salt and the present state of oil have in common? Find out how the oil industry may be losing its relevance as a valued commodity.

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Become a more confident investor with Knowledge Bank

Become a More
Confident Investor with Knowledge Bank

For free webinars, videos and reports, sign in and visit the Knowledge Bank found in the Education Centre.

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Invest toward a comfortable retirement

Invest Toward
a Comfortable

Make your own
investment decisions
with a CIBC Investor’s
Edge RRSP.

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