In the fall edition, we’re talking about diversification, investor styles and the cost of caregiving.

CIBC Investor's Edge Exchange Fall 2017

The Role of Fixed Income in Balanced Portfolios

In Part 2 of our Strategic Asset Allocation series, we provide a more technical overview of the benefits of including fixed income within a balanced portfolio

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As summer turns to fall and students have returned to school, we are pleased to share that CIBC Investor’s Edge is the proud lead sponsor of the Capitalize for Kids Student Challenge, a portfolio management competition for post-secondary students. Across Canada, students have begun to build their investment portfolios, putting theory into practice while raising funds to support children’s mental health programs. To learn more or to support the Challenge, visit C4K Student Challenge.

As you focus on building your portfolio, did you know that precious metals can be a great way to diversify investments? Read The Gold Market in 2017 to find out how. In the 2nd article of our Strategic Asset Allocation series, we discuss diversification within your fixed income portfolio; read The Role of Fixed Income in Balanced Portfolios.

In this issue we also discuss active and passive investing styles. Find out which style could work best for you in How Do You Approach Investing?

In Economics and Eldercare: Supporting our Seniors, we look at a recent Economic report from Benjamin Tal, CIBC Deputy Chief Economist and Royce Mendes, CIBC Senior Economist and incorporate findings from a recent CIBC Poll about how to support baby boomers as they approach their autumn years.

We hope the articles in this issue help empower you to manage your portfolio with confidence. Share your feedback and let us know how CIBC Investor’s Edge can better serve you.

Passive vs. Active

Passive? Active?
Tailoring your investing approach
to the situation

What’s your investing personality? Read about passive versus active investing and which style can better help you build your portfolio.

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The Gold Market in 2017

Gold has seen significant growth in 2017. Review analysis for gold into 2018 and learn how to gain exposure to precious metals in your portfolio.

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Economics and Eldercare: Supporting our Seniors

A recent report from Benjamin Tal reveals the economic impact of the aging baby boomers. Find out how to plan for financial and caregiving needs for your loved ones and yourself.

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Economics Research

Don’t miss the latest forecasts, analytics and insights,
with articles from CIBC’s leading economists.

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C4K Student Challenge

Proud new sponsor of
C4K Student Challenge

Supporting the ultimate investment challenge for post-secondary students to help fundraise for children’s mental health programs.

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